Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Need Explainer Videos

New leaps in Video Animation & Artificial Intelligence changes the way we create business explainer videos forever!


Part of Google’s calculation for rankings considers the length of time guests stay on your site, which is one explanation animated explainer video is seeing rapid development. Explainer video recordings have blast in prevalence over the previous year because of their reasonableness and demonstrated adequacy in growing a business. This makes explainer video recordings an incredible showcasing medium. Expanding your change rates, explaining your item, and boosting your deals are only 3 of the 10 reasons your business ought to have an explainer video.


As per a new review led by Video Rascal, 85% of individuals are bound to purchase an item after they watch an explainer video showcasing the product. Explainer videos help rising entrepreneurs increase the number of guests on their webpages and in turn could become clients. Albeit most organizations always check deals to determine what items are of high demand, and once they found one, an animated explainer video is the fastest way to put it out in the market.


Text can be precarious since there are so numerous ways individuals can decipher what they read. Explainer videos remove the misunderstanding from clarifying the helpfulness and essential capacity of an item or administration. Individuals acquire a superior comprehension of an item or administration once they see and hear somebody clarify it. An explainer video causes you to interface better with your likely client by clarifying how your business can help them and why they ought to pick you over other contending organizations.


An ever-increasing number of organizations are deciding to utilize social signs to get the news out about their organizations. They do this by utilizing media, For example, pictures and animated explainer video recordings to create interest in their item. As per an investigation distributed in The C100, more than 70% of Internet clients watch product explainer videos on the web, and more than 50% of the populace will watch explainer videos this year!


Generally speaking, boring sites don’t progress nicely. Sites that contain unlimited pages of square content and pictures rank low in Google search, which implies less openness. This additionally wards off clients who want to know more of the product and buy at that same moment. By and large, the normal individual takes not exactly a moment to settle on a buying choice. An explainer video will stand out enough to be noticed right away.

Note: According to Spork Marketing and several others, websites with employing videos rank higher in Google universal searches.


Going “viral” is a term that has been around since the beginning of YouTube. A viral explainer video is one that apparently springs up out of the blue and gets an enormous view in a short period of time. It is unfortunate that there is no set equation for “becoming famous online”. However, a significant number of content creators have become popular through viral explainer video recordings, including numerous of the brands we know and love today.

Some popular examples are:

  • Apple iOS 5 by Apple (over 2 million views)
  • Google Currents by Google (over 1.2 million views in 8 months)
  • Sham Wow (so popular that there are literally hundreds of remakes and parodies with millions of views)
  • Dove (over 15 million views)
  • Old Spice (over 42 million views) According to Ad Week Old Spice’s sales have increased by 107 percent using viral video.


The normal individual holds just 10% of what they hear, however, 50% of what they see as per an examination led by Wharton Research Center. Did you consider the effect of this on your business? An increase in explainer video advertising. Video advertising keeps on being the number one way that organizations pull in clients. There is a big chance that if the client enjoys your item, they’ll share your advertisement video.


A paper pitch is… let’s be honest—exhausting! Liven up your pitch by utilizing an animated explainer video. PowerPoint slide shows and handouts with a lot of words and pie diagrams don’t do a lot to draw in your crowd. Be that as it may, an all-around delivered explainer video for business with strong content and drawing in visuals can catch the consideration of your crowd right away. Explainer video recordings are particularly useful if you have a new product or new service to promote.


You can only go so far with traditional web content. In a failed attempt to bring more interest to a product, some business owners cram loads of pictures, flashy animation, and colorful fonts on their web page, which does two things:

  1. Confuses the potential customer.
  2. Slows down the load time of the web page.

Both of these results are total disasters for businesses. Why not take all of those cool ideas and have them played out in a video. It keeps the website looking clean, while providing enough material to engage a potential customer.


An explainer video doesn’t really need to be limited to simply YOUR site. Indeed, animated explainer video facilitating destinations, for example, YouTube and Vimeo have helpful options that permit you to transfer your explainer videos and use tags and keywords to attract interest to them. The benefit of using these platforms is that they are mobile-friendly, while your site may not look good in mobile phones. Explainer videos are effectively shareable, which are unlikely for content website pages. Visitors are bound to share and watch explainer videos on the Internet than reading text blocks on a site.


The main thing that causes a client to become a recurrent client is your character. It is significant that a client can relate to your brand. This is particularly the situation for online organizations where the client will have nearly nothing if any contact with you straightforwardly. It encourages an individual to acquire a feeling of trust in you and the items you sell on the off chance that they can see you and make a ‘virtual’ association.

Beside boosting deals, acquiring prevalence for your image, and clarifying your item effectively, there are such countless more advantages to utilizing an explainer video that we would require the best-crafted explainer video to show them all. Individuals make explainer video recordings about everything from product reviews to surveys, demonstrating that explainer videos are the most well-known method for individuals to share data and promote.

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